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Dental Crowns And Bridge

A crown or cap in one inserted on top of existing tooth for

  • Reinforce the Root Canal Treated tooth
  • Severely damaged/Fractured/non restorable tooth
  • Act a pillar to support the bridge.

A bridge is way of fixing the missing or the extracted tooth.

Types of crowns and bridges

  • Metal ( Plus – Strength , Minus – Esthetics)
    1. Gold
    2. Chrome/cobalt/nickel
    3. Titanium
  • Cosmetic/ Tooth colored
    1. Acrylic ( Plus – Esthetics, minus – Longevity , Strength)
    2. Ceramic / Porcelain
    3. Zirconia+Ceramic/Porcelain

Crown and Bridge - Gift Smile Dental

Ceramic Vs Zirconia Vs Alumina

With the application of Ceramics /Porcelain, Esthetic Dentistry reached new dimensions. Ceramic/Porcelain had options of different color, adaptability, longevity and biologically stable and inert, but lacked strength compared with Metal counterparts, So they began reinforcing ceramics with metal skeleton thus having the benefits of both and they are Porcelain Fused Metal (PFM).

The PFM are 10% less esthetic on par with All or Full Ceramic crowns and to answer those issues was the infusion of ZIRCONIA and ALUMINA. Zirconia and Alumina posses the properties of metal in strength and durability but has options of colors mimicking natural tooth and fulfills all the requirements of a perfect nature match. They are either hand milled or computer milled(CAD).