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A veneer is a thin layer of restorative material placed over a tooth surface, either to improve the aesthetics of a tooth, or to protect a damaged tooth surface.

Laminate veneers, are extremely versatile and can be used to align crowded or protruding teeth, lighten tooth colour, close gaps and can also be used as an alternative for orthodontic treatment. Because the veneer is so thin and contains no metal they have a translucent quality which means that they give a natural looking tooth, this natural look is also true under flourescent lighting and in flash photography.

LUMINEERS® is a brand of porcelain veneers. The difference between traditional Laminate Veneers and Dental LUMINEERS® are in the way they are manufactured and placed. A LUMINEERS restoration is as thin as a contact lens and placed over existing teeth without having to remove tooth structure.

An ideal candidate for LUMINEERS and Laminate Veneers must have enough remaining tooth surface on which to bond the Veneers to ensure long-term results.

Which type of Veneer would suit you best should be deciced with your cosmetic dentist.