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Root Canal Treatement

If the bacterial damage to the tooth is extensive, then the only treatment option is Root Canal Treatment (RCT). It’s a three step endodontic procedure,

  • Macroscopic cleaning of visible bacteria ( Black part of tooth)
  • Gaining access to the roots.
  • Cleaning and Filling of the Roots.

The treatment is all about perfect filling of the all the roots.

A RCT treated tooth has to be mandatorily crowned or capped. Why??

It s a process of preserving or mummifying the weakened/Damaged tooth and definitely requires a reinforcement of strength in form of Crown or Cap.

If the damage is very very extensive, then an auxiliary procedure called as

  • Post and Core
  • OR
  • Cast Post

RCT - Gift Smile Dental

Would be required before the crowning or capping the root canal treated tooth.

Technologically advanced devices that we are equipped to provide perfect root canal treatment

  • Apex Locators
  • Determines the exact length of invisible roots.

  • Digital X-Ray
  • Immediate computersied on chair process of taking x-rays. Good bye to washing films, dark rooms and wait for the results.

  • Smart Endomotors
  • These are cordless, programmable, torque and speed fed devices that assists us to effectively clean and shape the roots almost 10 times faster than the conventional way.

  • Lasers/Electrocautery
  • To sterilize the roots up to 99 percent and to control bleeding.