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Gum Hygiene


the structures around the tooth. E.g., Gums, bone & fibers attached between bone & tooth.These structures are the gift wrappers of the tooth. As long as these are strong, your tooth remains strong.

Most common damaging Elements:

  • Tartar (Yellow/brown chunky deposits)
  • Plaque (Soft mushy deposits)

Gum Hygiene - Gift Smile Dental

What are they made up of?

Tartar/Plaque = Food debris + Bacteria.

  • Scaling (Cleaning) – 1st Stage
  • Deep Scaling (curettage) – 2nd Stage
  • Gum Surgery + Bone Graft – 3rd Stage
  • Regular Scaling / 6 months
  • Brushing twice daily + tongue cleaning + Mouthwash + Flossing.