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Fear of Pain is ranked number one in the list and its true as I felt for my self when I have to get my Wisdom tooth extracted by Dr P Sudhakar. My self and Dr P Sudhakar have worked in depth on this issue of providing comfort to our patients, we sorted a plan to

  • Listen patiently and carefully to the needs and wants of the patient
  • Understanding the situation Medically and personally and charting the findings on their case report like allergies, special needs etc
  • Explaining virtually, visually by using Photographs, Digital X rays, Intra Mouth Cameras, Scanners, Models, Charts etc.
  • Give them a detailed treatment plan including Time and cost schedule after discussing the various option and choices.

This makes them very comfortable of not forcing them in to any pressurized or compelled treatment. We often think from their shoes and decide which option will best suit their need.